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Welcome to LUXE SMP Clinic.

Luxe SMP is the hairloss clinic that gives you back your confidence.
We’ve got a multi location team of qualified technicians who are all accredited in SMP treatments and know how it feels to lose your hair and the effect it has on self-esteem.

That’s why we created LUXE SMP – a friendly, intimate space where you can come for free consultations, expert advice and professional advice from our SMP experts about what treatment option will work best for you.


What Our Clients Think

Scalp MicroPimentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP (also known as Medical Hair Tattooing) is a state of the art hair loss concealer for men and women suitable for all skin types and stages of hair loss. This treatment is a quick and effective, non-surgical procedure, resulting in restored confidence. If you’re looking to build density in thin/thinning hair, looking for a fresh full shaved head look, or perhaps you’d just like to sharpen up that hair line, visiting an SMP clinic is the affordable option available to you today.

The treatment replicates hair follicles by applying hair colour-matched pigment to the skin, creating a mixture of tiny impressions in order to reflect the image of real hair. No real hair grows.

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Male Pattern Baldness

This type of hair loss comes in a variety of shapes affecting the hairline, the crown area or both. We usually advise clients to shave their hair down so to achieve the buzz cut look where we can use SMP to perfectly match and blend into your existing hair.
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Thinning Hair

So if the shaved buzz cut is not for you and you would like to keep the length this is absolutely possible using unique SMP techniques to create the illusion of density.
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Female Pattern Baldness

If you are a female with thinning hair or baldness this can be quite concerning and cause anxiousness. However, female pattern baldness is much more common than you may think and SMP is a great solution.

Scalp Micropigmentation Specialists

Then in 2017 Luke began to lose his hair, and in true Essex Boy style this was a real confidence knock. Having looked at hair transplant surgery and finding such mixed reviews and results at an extortionate cost he kept searching and stumbled across Scalp Micropigmentation. After loving the reviews, results and affordability Luke booked in to have the treatment and immediately fell in love with the results. So much so that he decided to embark on a new venture and complete his professional training in order to open another location under the LUXE brand dedicated to SMP.

Since then Luxe has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the leading SMP training providers and one of the few in the UK to offer a government backed OFQUAL regulated training accreditation

At LUXE SMP we are dedicated to offering a professional, friendly and genuine service tailored to your exact requirements. Luke wants all clients to be able to visit the clinic & feel completely relaxed knowing you are in safe hands. Find out more by filling out the online form, emailing us some pictures of your scalp or just give us a call or text.”
LUXE SMP Clinic was set up in the unforgettable year of 2020 by Luke Jewitt. Luke has been in the beauty and skincare industry since 2013 currently owning a successful salon, skincare brand and gaining qualifications in advanced SMP, wrinkle relaxing injections and various vitamin injections such as B12.
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What to expect during the scalp micro pigmentation process?

Some people think we only cover a bit of your scalp, but we cover all of the area/s that need to be done, Scalp micro pigmentation is a process of layering meaning you build density with each session. The first session is to create a foundation with a light scattering to form a light silhouette on the scalp. So it is important you manage expectations on your first visit. As its the second and 3rd sessions where you really see the magic happen.
Sessions for SMP take between 2-4 hours and all quotes are for 3 visits. However everyone is different so depending on your scalp your technician might ask you to return a 4th time to ensure the treatment is the masterpiece it should be! Each session requires a 7-14 day gap in order to let the last session heal.
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Is Scalp MicroPigmentation the appropriate treatment for you?

SMP works on the same principle as tattoos, in which pigment is applied to a person’s head to create imitation hair follicles. The critical difference is that the stains are not applied directly to the skin but the hair follicles. The process of scalp micropigmentation has been around for some time now. And most people that see qualified practitioners of this treatment see excellent results that last some time.

The clinic and technician you choose is important, check out their training and previous work to ensure you don’t receive bad SMP.  All technicians at Luxe SMP clinics have received level 4 accredited training that is OFQUAL regulated.  Luxe SMP is an industry leader in providing scalpmicro pigmentation training and treatment so you can be sure that you are in good hands when attending one of our clinics.

We genuinely care about your happiness and well-being, which is why we understand the need for accurate information before making such an important decision. We will be able to answer all of your questions regarding treatment details and pricing upon request.

Why us

Why Luxe SMP Clinic?


At Luxe SMP Clinic you will be in good hands at all times. All of our staff are Level 4 certified. We know what we are doing and they will only do the best job for you every time.


Luxe SMP Clinic is here to provide you with high-quality scalp micro pigmentation services at the best possible price. We will work closely with your budget, taking care of every aspect of the service.


At Luxe SMP Clinic nothing is more important than affordability. We are determined to offer the best possible value for money in order to help you regain confidence, looking great once again without the stress of financial concerns.


Luxe SMP Clinic now offers convenient online consultation so you can see if the treatment is right for you

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Click the button to fill in the form and our staff will be in touch with you shortly to answer all of your queries regarding SMP services. Contact us now for more information about our scalp micropigmentation service or fill out our online form. We will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with more information upon request, free of charge.

What Is the Purpose of SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation can:

  • Hide scarring from previous hair transplant.
  • Conceal Scars, burns, and birthmarks.
  • Increase the visual impact of a hair transplant

Crown baldness is a common type of degenerative hair thinning and balding that gives sufferers the appearance of being older than their years and lowers self-esteem. SMP treatment is ideal for the gradually developing crown thinning and balding process due to the ease of top-up treatment.

Baldness is generally regarded as an annoyance by men. However, they almost never agree on which pattern is worse: crown or receding? You can put an end to this argument with scalp micropigmentation because it will cover your problem area and leaving you with a great hairline.

Clients with alopecia come to us for SMP to restore their hairline. The severity of alopecia varies greatly from person to person, and the versatile targeted process of Scalp Micropigmentation allows us to assist many alopecia sufferers in regaining confidence

Almost 40% of women suffer from hair loss/thinning conditions by the time they are 40! Because the micropigmented areas will be much less visible than the bare scalp was previously, we can perform the same SMP treatment on women with short or long hair.

Almost 40% of women suffer from hair loss/thinning conditions by the time they are 40! Because the micropigmented areas will be much less visible than the bare scalp was previously, we can perform the same SMP treatment on women with short or long hair.

Men and women of any age can experience diffuse hair loss, which can be brought on by anything that interferes with the natural hair cycle, such as emotional stress and poor nutrition. In order to restore confidence and appearance, Scalp Micropigmentation is a remarkably effective treatment.

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