Facial Micropigmentation (Beard)

Facial Micropigmentation (Beard)

Similar to general Scalp Micropigmentation, facial micropigmentation looks to replicate the tiny hair stubbles to create the illusion of a 5 o’clock shadow.

If you suffer with any of the following applying the micropigmentation treatment to the face can offer great results.


Facial Micropigmentation Benefits

How Does Beard Pigmentation Work?

Beard micropigmentation uses the same method as scalp micropigmentation for alopecia on the top of the head. Over the course of several sessions, pigments are applied into your skin to simulate the appearance of full, even hair growth.

Once the treatment is complete, it will look like you have a full, close-shaven beard. It’s also possible to create a thicker look in longer beards. If you wear your beard longer but you have uneven beard growth, thinning patches or bald spots, this can be effectively concealed using beard micropigmentation. Your beard will look full and even again.

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Is SMP Treatment Right for Me?

As with any hair treatment, it is important to be aware of the following before you make an appointment for an SMP consultation:  


Your facial/head hair color should be realistic in order to achieve the most natural look. If your hair is significantly lighter or darker than your skin tone, Beard Pigmentation treatments may not produce the desired results.


This treatment is not suitable for people who are bald or completely hairless, but rather it offers the most benefit to those with patchy hair growth or thinning hair.


If you have scars, marks or pigmentation irregularities on your face this procedure may not improve these problems, so another form of treatment may be more suited to your needs.

Takes Time

The treatment takes time and commitment, so you should only proceed with the treatment if you are prepared for this commitment.


You can shave or style your new beard as desired just like regular stubble. There are no restrictions on styling the new hair once the pigmentation process is complete.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

Anyone who is unhappy with the condition of their facial hair can benefit from facial pigmentation treatments. It is also particularly beneficial to men who suffer with alopecia or male-pattern baldness, where hair transplantation surgery would normally be recommended.

It is also a great alternative to camouflage any facial scarring or pigmentation irregularities, offering the most natural looking results.

Male or female can enjoy these benefits provided they have realistic expectations of what Scalp Micropigmentation treatments can achieve. All skin types are suitable for this treatment, but darker skin tones may need to be topically treated to ensure inks are properly taken into the skin before treatment.


Why Luxe SMP Clinic?


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