Scalp MicroPigmentation Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

If you’re lucky enough to be donning a fair amount of hair and are just thinning in places, there are many ways the Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment can be used to build density among the existing hair. So if the shaved buzz cut is not for you and you would like to keep the length this is absolutely possible using unique SMP techniques to create the illusion of density. This is done by building up multiple treatments and shades of micro-dots around and in between the existing hair follicles. For older clients who are turning grey/white it is advisable to keep the hair colour a darker shade for optimum results.

Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are a great way to add the natural look of density and volume as a hair loss treatment. With careful and precise application, men or women alike can receive treatment with remarkably natural results. For this type of treatment, we aim at complementing your current hairline for an all-over distribution that provides you with the best chance at achieving a completely natural looking hairstyle.

What's It Like to Get a Hair Density Filling With SMP?

Depending on your hair loss, you might want to think about one or more of these options for adding density.

Then decide what type of results you’re looking for using SMP, the only way to truly give yourself an idea is to visit a clinic and take a look at treatments performed already.

It’s always advisable that clients contact us for a free consultation to discuss what it is they are looking for and how we can achieve those results together.

At the initial consultation, our skilled technicians will take time to listen to your concerns as well as carefully examine your scalp. After that we will be able to create a plan of action, which should include an estimated number of sessions needed and if any pre-treatment preparation will be necessary.


Why Luxe SMP Clinic?


At Luxe SMP Clinic you will be in good hands at all times. All of our staff is very experienced and trained. We know what we are doing and they will only do the best job for you every time.


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At Luxe SMP Clinic nothing is more important than affordability. We are determined to offer the best possible value for money in order to help you get back on your feet, looking great once again without the stress of financial concerns.


Luxe SMP Clinic now offers convenient online appointment booking. No more standing out in the cold, waiting for an available time slot to be opened up for you. Simply book your time according to what is best for you.


Get natural looking results without surgery or medication.

Thinning hair and hair loss is always a confronting experience, but surgical treatment can feel like a big mission to take on too. Scalp micropigmentation is one alternative to hair transplant surgery that is becoming increasingly popular to address hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation provides a non-invasive and pain-free solution that doesn’t require the implantation of hair follicles.

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