5 Reasons To Get Scalp Micro Pigmentation


It’s a sad reality that the majority of men, and even some women, will face hair loss in their lifetime. It can be especially difficult when you’re young and want to look your best without worrying about thinning hair or balding spots. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat this problem, and Scalp Micropigmentation is one such solution that has been gaining traction as an option for both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Sometimes referred to as hair tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation can be applied to add density, making your hairline appear fuller at the front while also adding colour to any receding areas up top to help camouflage them from view.

The benefits go beyond just looking good and cover a wide range of needs for you, including:

Complete control over your hairline

A hairline must be carefully tailored to your preference and needs, which includes deciding how much coverage you need up top. Scalp Micropigmentation can create a new hairline to suit your style. If you have a receding hairline or simply want to camouflage some thinning areas, this is the solution for you. Scalp Micropigmentation treatments use a natural pigment to create a realistic visual effect resembling real hair follicles, rendering hair loss unnoticeable.

A more natural appearance

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical alternative to traditional methods of hair transplantation, effective for both men and women. Unlike hair transplants which use real hair follicles, these dots are more like a hair tattoo, used to simulate the look of natural hair follicles to help make your hair appear thicker and fuller. Placing them in the right places is key for this approach to work best, but when an experienced practitioner does it correctly, SMP can achieve undetectable results with minimal discomfort.

Natural-looking colours

Using hand-picked micropigmentation ink, the artist recreates realistic hair colours that appear natural and blend in with the rest of your hair. There’s no need for a harsh black colour that doesn’t look natural. Instead, shades that look just like your own hair follicles are used to create natural results.

An effective hair loss solution

The number of men suffering from male pattern baldness is steadily rising each year, with studies showing that a quarter of men have noticeable hair loss at the age of 30. Despite this, hair loss often leads to low self-esteem and even depression in men who don’t like how they look or feel different from everyone else. With Scalp Micropigmentation, all of that is a thing of the past. You can get your confidence back knowing you’ll continue to look good for years ahead.

Suitable for all amounts of hair

Whether you have hair loss in many areas, a few thinning areas, or almost a full head of hair, Scalp Micropigmentation can help. The number and placement of the hair-like dots depend on your particular needs and it can even be added to areas that have already been thinned out. Due to the cosmetic nature of SMP treatment, Scalp Micropigmentation does not affect hair growth or hair loss; however, If you are losing hair quickly you may feel that a shaved head will look better in the future.

An initial free consultation will allow a trained SMP practitioner to talk with you and discuss a solution that’s right for you.

Long-lasting results

Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent solution. It doesn’t require any work on your part to maintain and will last for years to come, though later touch-ups are recommended in order to keep your look full and fresh. The ink used will not wash away, meaning you can swim, shower, and exercise without worrying about losing colour. Because it is a permanent solution, your hairline will still look great as you continue to age.

Having hair loss can be an embarrassing problem that not only affects your appearance but can also change how you feel around other people. Regardless of if have existing hair or not, Scalp Micropigmentation can both complement or create an entirely shaved look.

If you’re tired of hiding behind hats and taking medications that don’t work, Scalp Micropigmentation could give you the look and confidence you’ve been missing.


Does skin tone affect the results?

Skin tone may affect the final color of your Scalp Micropigmentation. However, a good technician will be able to pick the right colour to ensure it’s a great match for you, appropriate to the colour of your own hair follicles.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?

The price of SMP treatment will depend on the density and the area involved, for more severe hair loss additional sessions may be required.

How much discomfort will I feel?

Although referred to as a hair tattoo, Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is actually less painful than a tattoo and is suitable for those with low levels of pain tolerance. Your scalp will be cleaned and wiped with an antiseptic solution to ensure there’s no irritation, but because the needles are so fine, many people don’t even feel them.

How long will the procedure take?

On average, you’ll need an hour for a full session of Scalp Micropigmentation. However, around 3 sessions may be required in order to get your desired look and to add density, with each additional appointment taking around 2 hours.

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